About GYZSoft.com: Words from the Site Owner

Dear visitor, I’m Yanzhong Gui. Welcome to my Web site, GYZSoft.com.

I’m a software developer in Shanghai, China. And I created this site in the year 2002. The goal is to provide users with personal productivity software that meet certain needs, while keeping them easy to use. “Simple is the best” is the philosophy behind the design.

There are three products at the moment. One is GYZ Personal Database. Using this tool, you can store personal/business information such as contacts, your favorite recipes and so on. The fantastic point is, you can define your own templates for each category of information. This gives you the maximum flexibility. Actually, that’s why I created this tool. If you can’t find such feature in other software, then please look at this one, give it a try. I hope you’ll like it.

Another program is GYZ Task Notes, this is a desktop sticky notes and task list program. It is created for people who need a handy tool to record their information and be reminded when needed. I hope you’ll like it too.

GYZ Tree Document Editor, a new program, is a tree-structured rich document editor. While Windows Notepad, WordPad and Microsoft Word are good for basic text editing and word processing, this program gives users a new way to organize and present information. Many information actually have a tree-structure. Using this program, you can easily organize and store them in their natually structure. Thus it makes it easier dealing with such information. Information stored using this program can be exported to .rtf and .txt files, which can also be read by many other programs, such as Notepad, WordPad and Word. It can also import .rtf and .txt files. So don’t worry about information exchange.

Finally, thanks for visiting GYZSoft.com and hope you find useful information here. And I welcome your suggestions, please write to¬†[email protected] .

Sincerely yours,