GYZ Personal Database

GYZ Personal Database – Flexible Information Manager

  • It’s a flexible personal information manager that lets you record, search and print contacts, memo and other information;
  • It lets you design forms (templates) for each category of information, and then you store information with these custom-defined forms. Designing forms is easy and is mainly done by drag-and-drop operations.
  • Several pre-defined templates are provided. You can use them directly or modify as needed.

GYZ Personal Database runs on Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP. Download and try it now!


Version History

Jul. 23, 2004 – GYZ Personal Database 1.1.1 Released
A minor improvement on the “Set Password” dialog box, and a typo fixed.

Jul. 22, 2004 – GYZ Personal Database 1.1 Released
New feature: GYZ Personal Database can now print the lists and records.

Jul. 13, 2004 – GYZ Personal Database 1.05 Released
Minor improvement. It’s now easier to search text.

Sep. 26, 2003 – GYZ Personal Database 1.04 Released
The program can now import data from and export data to Microsoft Excel worksheet.

Apr. 8, 2003 – GYZ Personal Database 1.03 Released
Version 1.03 is a minor improvement: Prevent from starting multiple instance of this program. If you are upgrading, no need to uninstall the original version first, just install the new version over the original one.

Jan. 26, 2003 – GYZ Personal Database 1.02 Released
Version 1.02 is a minor improvement. Changes are: 1. Tab sequence on the form view; (If you press the Tab key, the cursor will jump in order from one text box to another.) 2. Added keyboard shortcuts to some buttons.

Dec. 13, 2002 – GYZ Personal Database 1.01 Released
This is a bug-fix release. Some users encounter problem when trying to open the help window from the program interface. Now it is fixed. Download it again and re-install it to fix this issue.

Nov. 29, 2002 – GYZ Personal Database 1.0 Released