GYZ Task Notes

GYZ Personal Database – Flexible Information Manager

  • It’s a flexible personal information manager that lets you record, search and print contacts, memo and other information;
  • It lets you design forms (templates) for each category of information, and then you store information with these custom-defined forms. Designing forms is easy and is mainly done by drag-and-drop operations.
  • Several pre-defined templates are provided. You can use them directly or modify as needed.

GYZ Personal Database runs on Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP. Download and try it now!






Version History

Jul. 6, 2004 – GYZ Task Notes 1.03 Released
Printing list and exporting list to text file implemented.

Jun. 21, 2004 – GYZ Task Notes 1.02 Released
Minor improvements on data saving and printing.

Feb. 9, 2004 – GYZ Task Notes 1.01 Released
This is a minor fix.

Jan. 28, 2004 – GYZ Task Notes 1.0 Released
Initial release.